The lessor is JHB Entertainment cc and the lessee is referred to as “The Hirer”. The hirer certifies that all the personal details supplied are true and correct. The equipment shall at all times remain the sole property of JHB Entertainment.
The lessor lets to the hirer who hires from the lessor the equipment described on the face of this agreement and to the agreement here under.
The hirer shall pay to the lessor a non-refundable deposit of 50% and the balance to be paid on delivery.
The  Hirer Agrees To The Following:

1. Only a qualified person(s) shall be allowed to operate the equipment.

2. No foreign objects, to be placed in or on the equipment and shall not be used near the vicinity of water.
3. No food or drink shall be consumed by the operator while using the equipment.
4. The hirer shall provide security to care for the equipment and prevent any possible damage.
5. The hirer shall provide for clean electrical power 220volt, 15amp for the equipment to be connect to.

6. The units may not be operated on a generator unless inspected and agreed apon by a member of JHB Entertainment.

7. The hirer shall under no circumstances attempt to repair, modify or alter any of the hired equipment.

8.Should it appear that these items are inoperative the hirer shall contact the lessor for assistance.
9. The hirer shall exercise proper care at all times of the equipment before returning to the lessor.
10. The hirer should, inform the lessor of any damage caused to the equipment on the day of collection.
11. Any damages caused to any of the equipment listed on the face of this agreement, shall be the full responsibility of the hirer to pay for all repairs or total replacement costs of the equipment hired.

Use Of Equipment

The hirer acknowledges that the hirer is aware of the purpose for which the equipment was designed and that the equipment is used and operated solely by the hirer. The equipment being used is entirely the hirers responsibility. JHB Entertainment takes no responsibility due to equipment failure.

Return Policy
The hirer acknowledges that all equipment must be returned in a satisfactory condition by the time specified on the face of this agreement. The hirer agrees to compensate and pay the lessor for any loss of business in the event of the equipment being returned after the specified time as well as if the equipment in a defective or damaged condition. The lessor reserves the right to recover the cost of all repairs to the equipment.
The lessor reserves the right to recover from the hirer, the full current replacement price of any equipment, which may be lost or stolen while in the hirers possession. Furthermore it is the hirer’s responsibility for the safe keeping and safety of the equipment while in their care.

The hirer shall use the equipment at the hirer’s own risk. The hirer indemnifies the lessor and the lessor’s servants against all claims of whatever arising from the use of the equipment during the lease period.
Breach Of Contract
If the hirer fails to comply with any terms of this agreement the lessor, shall have the right to forthwith cancel this agreement and recover possession of the equipment without prejudice to any claim for damages which the lessor may have suffered by reason of the hirers breach of contract.
Condition Of The Equipment
The hirer acknowledges that the equipment was inspected and that it is fit for the purpose for which it is let.
Whole Agreement
This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and no representations, warranties or other terms of whatever nature not contained in this agreement have been made or agreed to.
No relaxation or indulgence granted by the lessor to the hirer shall in any way prejudice the lessor or be deemed to be a waiver of the lessor’s rights in terms or this agreement.
The parties consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court in respect of any legal proceedings arising out of this agreement.
Legal Costs
The hirer agrees to pay the lessor’s costs on the scale as between attorney and client in the event of the lessor instituting action against the hirer as a consequence of the hirer’s breach of this agreement.